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Bid Management

Our Bid Management support programme is designed to help you win more bids by tapping into our winning strategies; we work directly with your bid team to create compelling content, achieve presentation excellence and develop world class collateral.

Create compelling content

Whilst it is critical that bids are responded to intelligently and with technical integrity and excellence the content should also be engaging and compelling to read. There should be relevant examples with images and diagrams to create impact and assist the reader to fully understand your responses to the questions and your key differentiators. The work should be written in terms of benefits to the client not a list of features.

Develop world class collateral

You will most likely have the format of bid documents mandated. However just because it says files or folders does not mean you cannot create world class files and folders and if it says must be wrapped in plain brown paper – what about the best brown paper ironed and the documents delivered by hand not by a courier.

Achieve presentation excellence

We ensure that you look and sound the best you can. Remember the 7.38.55 rule states that impact on your client from the bid team is 7% what they say, 38% the tone in which they say it and 55% how they look when they say it – in other words 93% of communication is not words. Our bid team coaching is extraordinary and covers everything from what accessories to wear to tone of voice and body language. Bids are too important to leave the critical elements to chance.

We ensure your bid team give a World Class presentation and we bring the spark of creativity to ensure you:

  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Are inspiring
  • Are professional
  • Get the most important messages across
  • Get the best chance of winning the bid

10 Rules of Bid Excellence

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Top questions for delivering presentations

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Defining clear milestones

And managing to achieve them. We plan and control the diary ensuring the right people are at the right place just when we need them, and have the right proportion of time spent on ‘the moments that matter’ for example ‘red reviews’ and final rehearsals.

Innovation and creative thinking expertise

We bring proprietary thinking tools and techniques to create new, differentiated strategies to make you stand out.

Psychology of Team Dynamics

Through Team Profiling. We can help you pick the team to present or we can work with the team to ensure a matrix of messages / personality types are covered.

Persuasive Linguistics

We are specialists in linguistics; we play with words every day and use them powerfully to underpin the presentation with positive and persuasive language to give your audience ‘confidence’ in your teams ability and solutions. We eliminate the weaker negative words like ‘try’ and ‘could’ and replace them with ‘will’.

Award winning Graphic Design

Our sister company outside the box is one of the best known agencies in the UK, they can produce a huge variety of collateral for the presentation. This may be videos, slides, display material, hand outs, branded merchandise, leave behinds etc. Visit to find out more

Personal Branding and Image Management

The image of the team is vital; people buy from people and very often within the first few seconds. We get the brand right; we create the right image for your people to ensure they have maximum influence and impact.

Bid Planning

Establishing clear roles and responsibilities in the senior bid team – authors and contributors. We use the RACI model to establish who is Responsible, who is Accountable, who is Consulted and who is Informed

Compelling and clear content writing.

We help you to structure your content, and write it in ways which capture the audience’s imagination and bring it alive with diagrams and videos rather than bullet points. We have a range of world class experts available from bid writing specialists to marketing copy writers.

Effective Workshops

We facilitate workshops to ensure we absorb all the information required from the stakeholders involved with the bid.

Broadcast level voice coaching

We record your teams voices and play it back, it’s vital that your team project well and spacing, breathing and emphasis are all aligned. We work with specialists from the BBC and RADA to ensure we offer a world class solution.

World Class Presentation Skills

We work with the latest techniques to ensure your team are up skilled, we use video extensively in our training at our own film studio, and we use skills such as NLP and acting skills so your teams’ performance is optimised.

High Quality Film production

We use video extensively to get the right message across, we can interview stakeholders, this is a great way of ‘having more people in the room’ or to help get a message across in a more succinct way.

Executive Coaching on a 1:1 basis.

We mentor and coach senior executives to perform at their very best.

What makes think unique?

Our blend of skills is guided from a background in global advertising
agencies, innovation consultancy and corporate psychology.

There is no other Bid Management organisation that approaches this activity the way think does.

We challenge, support and develop the bid team. We bring practical options, share the approaches of best practice and work with the team to find the right answers. If needed we can nudge to shift the mindset, thinking and performance of the bid team.

We unashamedly employ fun, surprise, counterintuitive psychological tools and challenging stimuli to unleash wonder, curiosity, the joy of discovery and learning as well as tolerance of ambiguity.

Our blend of skills is guided from a background in global advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather mixed with methodology from innovation consultancy and corporate psychology.

We have think consultants in North America, Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, India and South Africa, which gives us a global perspective and ensures our input is world class.

We have the skills, resources and techniques tomake your bid excellent.

We have three presentation suites, IT support, video/film studio, graphic designers (for collateral) and of course catering.

Our lead bid coach Tina Catling will run your Bid Excellence support programme and ensure you have all you need to win.

100% Focus on Winning

This model indicates just some of the areas of support we offer, but
every bid is different. Our Bid Coaches work with your team and wrap
these services around your bid team in a way that ensures they are
supported and are ready to win.

To win bids, strategic and tactical support is essential and we have the world class support services required.

If all the right services are in place, the ‘noise’ is reduced enabling the bid team to focus 100% on the bid.

100% focus on the client by placing them at the centre of all activity enabling the bid team to keep focused through a diverse range of co‑ordinated support.

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