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Posted by Ayesha Patel 30 January 2018 Bid Excellence

Winning an important bid is no easy feat. With so many factors to consider, from project management to planning your pitch, staying on budget and keeping to deadlines, it is no surprise that little details such as content and collateral can often get neglected or missed altogether.

Yet the content you use is in fact one of the most important elements of your bid. Far from being sufficient simply to stand up and present your pitch, your offering should be complete with relevant examples, images and diagrams to create impact and highlight your key differentiators.  


Our Bid Excellence programme can work with you to build the content you need to impress.

Quite simply, our Bid Excellence support programme is designed to help you win more bids by tapping into our winning strategies. We work with your bid team to create compelling content and develop world class collateral to ensure that when it comes to the day of your pitch, you’re prepared and ready for success.  

In terms of content this can include crafting clear and concise writing to capture the imagination of your audience or even creating your design collateral with the help of our sister company Outside the Box. Here are three things you should know about creating content with Bid Excellence.


Knowing what you hope to achieve by creating your content goes a long way to ensuring that it’s great. Content can often end up being generic and vague if you do not write with an audience and purpose in mind, and so taking some time to consider these aims will enable your content to be focused and on task.

For contributor Shaun Buck, providing information should be an important aim to keep in mind. He argues that ‘I’m constantly asking content creators to make sure when they write they have strong points and don’t waste my time. I don’t want to read fluff. I want answers to my questions in a definitive way.’

Applying this to the context of your bid, your content should reinforce what you are saying in your pitch or elaborate your key points in a visual way. This gives a sense of coherence to your pitch and demonstrates to the client that you’re engaged, focused and clear in your offering.


Just because there are often strict rules and guidelines for how to bid in the procurement process or set ways in which your pitch must be delivered, this doesn’t mean that there is no room for creativity when it comes to your content.

Although tried and tested methods can work well, shaking things up can really grab people’s attention and set you apart from the competition. Instead of bullet pointing the key information in your content, why not explain using a video or a diagram?

An article by business2community argues that you should see content like a conversation. This is a good analogy to keep in mind when crafting content for your pitch – by starting conversations, you can pique the interest of your audience, prompt questions and ultimately promote engagement with your offering as opposed to a one-way presentation that can feel impersonal.


We all know that words can be powerful tools, but since every written and verbal transaction we undertake uses words, we can often take them for granted. When it comes to creating content for your bid, each and every word can be laden with meaning and be the difference between communicating the right message and not.

An important thing to bear in mind when writing your content is the need for positive and persuasive language. This allows your bid team to build confidence among your audience and demonstrate to them that their project will be in good hands. Using positive words like ‘will’, as opposed to words which leave room for doubt such as ‘try’ and ‘could,’ has a huge impact on psychology and alters the underlying feeling of your bid.

Whatever your content needs, the think Bid Excellence programme can help build your collateral. Follow the links below to find out more about how your expert team of linguists and copywriters can contribute to your winning pitch.

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