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Posted by Tina Catling 15 May 2018 Bid Excellence

When it comes to putting together a bid for tender, there are a number of crucial elements to consider. Have you planned how you will approach the bid? Have you set milestones that you need to reach in order to be ready on time? Who will lead your bid team? Who will lead your presentation? These are all crucial questions that require insight, experience and time to answer, but if you’ve never executed a bid before it is understandable that so many questions could feel daunting. This is where our Bid Management programme comes in.  


Think’s Bid Management programme is a support programme designed to help you win more bids. This is achieved by building on the extensive experience of the think team and using proven strategies that can ensure your bid delivers results. To do this, think works directly with your bid team to guarantee you have everything you need for your bid to shine, from compelling content to world class collateral, honed presentation skills to voice coaching.

So why do you need a Bid Management support programme?


Planning a bid can often be a long process, with some large-scale bids taking up to two years to plan and deliver. With a project of this scope and length, ensuring that you have a plan in place for each stage of the process is crucial if you want to stay on task and on time.

Think’s Bid Management programme takes the hassle out of planning. We do this by establishing clear roles and responsibilities in the senior bid team so that everyone knows what is expected of them, manage their expectations of other team members and can work together in an efficient manner. By using the RACI model to establish who is Responsible, who is Accountable, who is Consulted and who is Informed, each member of the bid team can contribute meaningfully to progress, without wasting time delegating responsibility as each task arises.

For the longer term, our Bid Management programme also defines key milestones to ensure that your project stays on track. Think plans and controls your bid diary, ensuring the right people are in the right place and have the right proportion of time to spend on crucial moments, like key decisions or final presentation rehearsals. By managing this on your behalf, we take the stress out of staying on track with your bid.


The words you use every day in your speech and writing are probably not a topic you give much thought to on a daily basis. In the midst of a busy bid preparation session, you’re not likely to think about words either. Yet words are perhaps the most powerful tool in anyone’s arsenal when it comes to persuasion, positivity and professionalism, and so mastering them is the key to bid success.

Our Bid Management programme teaches you the art of linguistics, giving you the ability to play with words to build your bid. Here at think we are specialists in linguistics; we play with words every day and use them powerfully to underpin your presentation with positive and persuasive language to give your audience ‘confidence’ in your team’s ability and solutions.

Once you have understood the importance of this tool, it can then be included in all aspects of your presentation, from the content of your slides and bid documents to the speech you will give in front of the decision-making panel. By ensuring that you speak with authority and confidence, employing positive words like “will” instead of negative words like “try” and “could”, you can deliver a strong pitch guaranteed to win the contract.

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