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Posted by Mark Davis 26 October 2016 Bid Excellence

As well as offering a wide range of workshops and innovation consultancy opportunities, think specialises in supporting organisations in winning their bid. Whichever tender opportunity you have your sights set on, think works directly with your bid team to make your goals a reality.


Quite simply, our Bid Excellence support programme is designed to help you win more bids by tapping into our winning strategies.

We work with your bid team to create compelling content, achieve presentation excellence and develop world class collateral to ensure that when it comes to the day of your pitch, you’re ready to win.

The Bid Excellence programme is a specifically tailored programme which suits the aims of your organisation. Whether that means planning your bid and aligning responsibilities with each bid team member, creating clear and concise content writing to capture the imagination of your audience or even creating your design collateral with the help of our sister company Outside the Box.

Whatever it is that your bid needs, we’ve got it covered with our Bid Excellence Programme.


Perhaps the most pressing question for anyone looking to start out on a bid is ‘what can a bid management programme do for me that I can’t do myself?’

While of course it is possible to manage a bid yourself, the benefits of using the programme to deliver the best results are easy to see.

One of the clearest benefits is the knowledge that you’re in good hands. Planning a bid can often be a long and arduous process, and it is easy to lose sight of the end goal or lose your way as you work through each stage.

From the very beginning we break the process down into manageable chunks, and ensure that each team member has a clearly defined role. From there we work to create your bid content, sculpt your team throughout the process, work on presentation skills and even plan your post-bid celebration that we believe is vital after such a long commitment to the cause.


Here at think we have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest names in marketing, innovation management and corporate psychology, and we bring this to the aid of your bid team.

Over the years we have developed a unique methodology and built a number of tools and techniques that we know deliver results.

We have an unashamedly unconventional approach which is designed to help you think differently, challenge your preconceptions and put creativity at the heart of your venture. We want you to surprise yourselves with what you can do, open your eyes to new possibilities and ultimately help you win your bid.

Not only that, but think has consultants all over the world ready to help with your bid. We have consultants in Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, India and South Africa, which we believe gives us a truly global perspective that is vital in the globalised age of today.

Want to know more about how you can get in touch with your local consultant and start your journey with Bid Excellence? Use the links below to contact us today.


As global innovation specialists we aim to help and encourage people and organizations to become more nimble, boosting their ability to generate ideas. We bring pace and focus to your innovation initiatives using our unique innovation techniques, which are constantly being developed by our professional licensees. If you’re interested in becoming a licensee for the think team, contact us here.

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