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Posted by Tasneem Mohamed 28 August 2018 Innovation Consultancy

People are always looking for ways to be more productive, as the demands on time and energy show no signs of slowing. Whether you work for yourself, a local business or multinational corporation, making the most of your day is a top priority for many. Here are some simple tips for boosting your productivity.


One of the biggest obstacles to productivity is your working environment. Despite the efforts made by many companies to create light, open spaces and break out areas that are more inspiring than traditional offices, more often than not you still spend your day sitting down. Experts suggest that working while stood up can give an instant boost to your productivity, as it allows oxygen to reach your brain and increase your energy levels. According to The Huffington Post, this technique was a favourite of Steve Jobs who often organised “walking meetings” or “standing meetings” with his colleagues.

Yet standing up constantly may not be the solution either. According to an article by Fortune, ‘an individual person needs to make a decision based on what’s best for them’ and the key is movement. Just as sitting all day will drain your productivity, standing in the same spot all day will do the same so moving between different areas of the office and having a change of scenery is a far better option for keeping your productivity levels high.


We all do it. Checking your phone to see if you’ve received a message, browsing social media or online shopping. Even if you’re not able to keep your phone nearby at work, the temptation to browse the internet or even answer emails instead of focusing on the task at hand is a real. But all this does little to help your productivity, so knowing when to switch off these distractions is a must.

Business2Community suggests ‘limiting yourself to a few allotted slots for Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Internet Shopping/etc.’ This allows you to channel your energy and attention to one task at a time, rather than working at half-capacity for longer periods. This also means that when you do take breaks, these feel more rewarding and don’t have the associated guilt of having a break even though you’ve not completed your task.

If you don’t have the willpower to switch off your distractions, using an app to restrict your social media usage could help. Digital Trends suggests a number of apps you can use, just one of those being Freedom. Mainly for Mac and iPhone, Freedom allows users to create a blocklist of apps and sites that they don’t want to use and schedule how long they want to stay away from them. One benefit is that you can use it across all devices so you’re not tempted to circumvent the block by simply switching to another platform.


Lists are a tried and tested method of helping time management and efficiency, so using them to de-clutter your mind and boost your productivity is a must. Furthermore, studies say that when you write something down, you’ll be 33% more likely to do it because it sets an intention and puts a goal into motion.

However, rather than simply making one catch-all list, the key to using this technique optimally is making different lists for different things. FastCompany explains that ‘the key is making the right lists and being strategic in how they’re used.’ By creating specific, targeted lists that create a roadmap for the following day you can ensure that you don’t waste valuable morning time deciding where to start. Similarly, an ‘outsource list’ which helps you to identify and delegate tasks that can be shared can be helpful if you’re in a management position or running your own business. Entrepreneurs and leaders often use a ‘long terms goals list’ as well because this creates stronger intentions to reach more distant aspirations. 

Boosting your productivity is possible is you make some small, simple changes to your daily habits. If you want to find out more, follow the links below.


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