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Four Signposts of the Innovation (R)Evolution

The path of innovation over the centuries has been complicated. Its meaning has evolved radically as has its impact on the world around us. But what does it mean today, and how should organisations harness the 21st century interpretation of this increasingly evocative term?

With a little help from Canadian historian Benoît Godin*, I’ll briefly explore the history of Innovation, and draw on my own experience to reflect on the present and potential future of innovation.


Innovation Past

According to Godin, the word Innovation originated as early as the 13th century and became a derogatory term … continue reading


Innovation can sometimes seem complicated, with new methods and top tips invented seemingly every week to help improve your innovation strategy and put you on the right path to growth. But here at think we believe that sometimes simple is best, and through a range of tried and tested techniques that we know are proven to drive results we are passionate about making innovation accessible to everyone. This week we take a look at the three C’s of innovation management, and why they should lie at the heart of any innovation strategy.


Creativity is a fundamental element of innovation. Wi… continue reading


The fundamental principles of innovation, to invent something new, to solve a problem, to find an alternative and more creative solution, lie at the heart of a business’ drive to innovate and improve. Whether this takes the form of product development, idea generation workshops or increased employee engagement, the opportunities for innovation are endless. Yet innovation can often extend far beyond the realms of business and impact upon social and economic development, changing the lives of individual communities or making waves in the developing world.

An interesting article in The Guardian t… continue reading


Innovation is a multi-faceted and often complex industry, with a wide variety of elements needed to create a successful innovation strategy for an organisation. As innovation management consultants, think believes that finding the balance between these elements is the key to developing a sustainable yet dynamic innovation change. Having worked with blue chip companies around the world over our ten years in the industry, we’ve got to know a few tricks of the trade and developed our own range of techniques to boost innovative capacity in an organisation. This week we take a look into the people … continue reading


A warm welcome to 2015 from our team here at think! What better time than the week of New Year’s resolutions than to kick-start your journey towards a more innovative, more creative and more nimble future? Fear not, you’ve come to the right place. This week we’ll be giving you an insight into new beginnings in innovation, how you and your business can boost your innovative potential and our hints and tips on where to start…

Here at think we believe that innovation can revolutionise and revitalise any organisation. Whether you are starting from scratch or you already have a long-standing innova… continue reading