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It is widely recognised that the concept of innovation and the process of innovation management have gained in popularity in recent years. With the turn of the so-called digital age, the increasingly competitive economic markets of the 21st century and the insatiable consumer demand for ‘bigger and better’, the role of innovation has become fundamental to ensuring business success and cutting edge strategy for future growth. As awareness and understanding of innovation and innovation management increases, this trend looks set to continue well into the future of business.

Despite this recogniti… continue reading


As has been discussed many a time, it is often easy to undermine the meaning and importance of innovation. There is no exact definition for the term, which can lead to confusion and ambiguity around the phenomenon. In recent times, more and more leaders have established the greatness of profound innovation and enthuse about its effects more and more when approached correctly. So the big question is; how can the situation be approached in the most effective way possible?

A focus. There is no point just deciding that innovation is what you need and battling on through with what you think is ‘the… continue reading

Why Innovation begins with a ‘T’ (well, 7 ‘T’s actually)

Sir Richard Branson recently argued in his blog that “innovation is the lifeblood of successful businesses”.  And that if you aren't innovating, you are actually going backwards.* Many people still labour under the illusion that the ability to think creatively and, thus, to innovate effectively, is confined to the brains of the organisation. Maybe this is the R&D division, or the Strategy team, or the Marketing group. But the reality is that we all have the capacity to be creative and that businesses need to cultivate working environments where creativity flows throughout the organisation like… continue reading


A lot can be said for the contribution of innovation management in organisations but the influences on this innovation never seem to be addressed. The promotion of innovation management in today’s society is highly visible both on and offline and its been recognized that certain organisations appear to be more innovative than others. Instead of diminishing those who emerge weaker at innovation, let’s focus on developing an understanding of the reasons why innovation can be more successful in some places over others.

Without a valid understanding and research into the topic of in… continue reading

Does employee engagement really make a difference to customer loyalty?

I recently came across a blog about customer service ‘foul ups’* and the behaviours that impact on customer loyalty. Whilst price and product are both significant factors in a buyer’s thinking, so often it’s the quality of service that plays a role in a customer’s attitude to the company. Given that such quality is dependent on the attitudes and behaviours of the people employed to deliver it, does employee engagement genuinely make a difference to whether a customer stays or goes elsewhere?

Many advocates of employee engagement seem to think so. Shane Gamble of Sweet Tooth** argues that “when… continue reading