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Does Remote Working Encourage Innovation or stifle it?

The rapid pace of technology, innovation, social media and fresh thinking in the 21st Century is having a profound and significant impact on the way organisations assess the role, contribution and effectiveness of their workforce – across all job titles.

Traditional office based roles where employees make the daily commuter trek to work (which at times can be 2-3 hours each way if they work in or near a capital city) to arrive at their desk already drained from the experience is now viewed by many as counterproductive. The opportunity cost of their commute time – in many cases just to pitch up… continue reading


Encouraging innovation is often a key goal of any organisation, whether its aim is to promote growth, expand markets or attract new customers. The value of innovation cannot be overstated, and there are a number of tools and techniques that can be used to promote innovation within an organisation. But did you know that happiness can be one of the key drivers of innovation, and that by promoting happiness in a variety of ways you can improve your organisation’s capacity to be creative and forward thinking.

As an innovation management consultancy, we know a thing or two about innovation and crea… continue reading

How to innovate All the Time & Everywhere!

The Growth Imperative

There are really only two ways in which companies grow; either organically by developing new products & services and expanding into new markets, or via Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

The internet is awash with conflicting ‘data’ regarding the effectiveness, or otherwise, of organic vs. inorganic growth. What is safe to say is that some organizations execute both with differing degrees of success. That is only to be expected.

What is certainly true, however, is that many companies struggle to accelerate and sustain high levels of growth.

This is the goal of Organisational… continue reading


This week is the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, the annual celebration of all things creative in marketing, technology and communications which sees industry experts from around the world convene at the stunning Palais de Festivals. Although a wide variety of talks on marketing, creative thinking and branding are held every festival this year Cannes is opening a ‘festival within a festival – Lions Innovation.

With a focus on Data, Tech and Ideas, this weekend 25th-26th June Lions Innovation aims to be a ‘global meeting place for the industry and also its mirror.’ Cannes claims ‘When the ind… continue reading


Innovation can come in many forms, whether this is the invention of a new product, a new way of thinking or a different way to confront a challenge. Innovation takes place every day around the world at different levels, in businesses and consultancies, in universities and schools. Today think explores the relationship between these diversities within innovation, focusing particularly on the role of radical vs. incremental innovations and how radical innovation can benefit an organisation.

So, what is radical innovation? What is incremental innovation? Danish business development firm Innovadercontinue reading