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Innovation is all about People – how do you pick the best?

The difference between a good business and a great business can be attributed to one simple thing.

How you pick your people.

An inspiring example is the people philosophy of Netflix – providers of on-demand internet streaming media. In 2012 their CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord produced a presentation about their people, culture and strategy.

On face value it doesn’t look very innovative – in fact it’s a fairly simple 124-page deck of traditional PowerPoint slides – but they pack a powerful punch. As of last month 10.5 … continue reading


What has love got to do with innovation? Well, everything apparently. This week in honour of Valentine’s Day think are feeling all loved up and exploring the link between innovation, idea generation and the language of love…

Innovation thrives on positivity. Whether this comes in the form of an active and inquisitive mind, a colourful and exciting place to work or the can-do attitude of a team, positivity and energy are key ingredients of any successful innovation drive. There are few things in life that have the ability to make someone feel as positive as being in love, and here at think we b… continue reading


Here at think we firmly believe that innovation and creativity can be taught to anyone. With the correct training, and of course the right innovation management consultancy to provide that training, it is possible to teach individuals and organisations how to be innovative. With innovation proving as important as ever for organisations to develop and remain competitive in their respective marketplaces, there’s no better time than now to embrace innovation and embed it firmly in your business culture.

Yet in conjunction with our belief in the ability to teach innovation, here at think we also b… continue reading


The keys to creating a successful innovation mix can vary immensely, with no single formula providing the only way to generate new ideas and action strategies. It is true, however, that despite the diversity of innovation strategies a number of essential building blocks are frequently discussed in analyses of the innovation management process. Team work and collaboration, creativity and open-mindedness, employee engagement and effective leadership – these are all well-known innovation essentials recognisable to anyone working in this fast-paced industry.

One word which perhaps doesn’t top the … continue reading

Four Signposts of the Innovation (R)Evolution

The path of innovation over the centuries has been complicated. Its meaning has evolved radically as has its impact on the world around us. But what does it mean today, and how should organisations harness the 21st century interpretation of this increasingly evocative term?

With a little help from Canadian historian Benoît Godin*, I’ll briefly explore the history of Innovation, and draw on my own experience to reflect on the present and potential future of innovation.


Innovation Past

According to Godin, the word Innovation originated as early as the 13th century and became a derogatory term … continue reading