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A mouthful though that may be, this week here at think we thought we’d share with you some of our top tips for thinking. As an innovation management consultancy one of the key skills we teach our organisations and clients is the ability to think. While thinking is a process so often taken for granted throughout everyday life, it is often the case that few people are fully aware of how best to think, the processes that can be used to encourage creative thinking, the benefits of critical thinking or why it is sometimes difficult to think clearly and originally. As specialists in all of these are… continue reading


Creativity can sometimes be seen as an abstract idea, a quality to be observed in some yet allusive to others. Some people are creative, some people aren’t. Whether this creativity is understood as artistic ability, having the capacity to think differently and generate new ideas or simply a creative outlook on life, creativity can be interpreted in many different ways.

While it may be true that some people are more naturally creative than others, it doesn’t follow therefore that individuals cannot learn to be creative when given the right training. Through a range of tried and tested technique… continue reading


As is well known in any company working within the international business environment, fostering a culture of innovation is crucial to ensuring success in a highly competitive market. The constant need to drive progress forwards and keep one step ahead of the competition, but also ensure sustainability and longevity in a business can be difficult, but with the right help it is possible to embed innovation into the fabric of a company and inspire further development and growth. It is necessary to take positive and meaningful steps to make innovation a focus of your company, so this week we’re l… continue reading

think outside the box

Think! is delighted to announce that we’re merging with our sister company otb.

We believe our combined forces and complementary skill sets truly enhance and expand our services for clients, both internationally and locally.

Think! has an extensive global network of innovators with a reputation for empowering international organisations to think differently about every aspect of their business challenges and opportunities.  They help them to evolve and implement exciting new ideas to achieve their goals.  Think! has consultants in the USA, Australia, South Africa, the UK and Spain.

otb are one… continue reading


Here at think every day is innovation day, but did you know there is officially an entire week devoted to innovation? From 15th – 21st February 2015 the Global Innovation Summit celebrated all things innovation as it draws some of the biggest names in innovation and creativity to share their knowledge with peers, and discuss some of the most pressing issues not only in the innovation world but affecting the wider economy and our future. Think takes a closer look at the Global Innovation Summit to keep you up to date…

The Global Innovation Summit claims to be the world's largest gathering for b… continue reading