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As leaders in the innovation industry, think has worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world to make them more agile and more able to deal with some of their marketplace’s greatest challenges.

Arguably, as innovation management consultants, we have a responsibility to share our knowledge and techniques with others in order to improve their growth prospects and responsiveness to change.

But does the responsibility span wider than this? Could it be argued that in fact all organisations  and individuals, great and small, have a responsibility to push the boundaries of invention, thcontinue reading

5 things you can expect from our Bid Excellence programme

Winning a bid is no mean feat, but with think’s Bid Excellence programme by your side you can plan for success and ensure you achieve the results you need. This week we’re sharing 5 things you can expect from our programme…

What is Bid Excellence?

Before we share our top 5 things you can expect from our Bid Excellence programme, we thought we should introduce what it is that we do. Quite simply, our Bid Excellence support programme is designed to help you win more bids by tapping into our winning strategies.

Here at think we have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest names incontinue reading

7 tips for a positive morning routine

Although mornings are a challenge for the best of us, there are many ways you can find a positive morning routine that suits your needs.

Whether you read Forbes, the Huffington Post or Fast Company, the consensus suggests that a good morning routine is linked with getting your day off to a positive and productive start.

While there may not be a quick fix regime for everyone to follow, there are always ways to personally improve. This week we have our top 7 tips to help you take the first step to building a positive morning routine.

  1. Make a tomorrow list

Having a positive morning routine starts continue reading


Looking at the world around us, you could be forgiven for feeling a little pessimistic. Whether it is security challenges, political upheaval or economic insecurity, it can seem that we are living in difficult times.

But here at think we believe that optimism, forward thinking and confidence are three vital ingredients for innovation, progress and success, and work hard to ensure that this positivity is entrenched in the work that we do. This week we’re looking at three reasons optimism and innovation go hand in hand.

  1. You have to look for optimism

Optimism is sometimes difficult to find becauscontinue reading


Our innovation management consultancy goes far beyond teaching you the ins and outs of innovation. Following the launch of our Bid Excellence Programme, this week we’re giving your three reasons you need think to build your bid.


Building a bid requires insight and experience from a wide range of industries, and here at think we have just that.

We believe that the experiences we built in life before think are just one of the factors that makes our team unique, well-rounded and able to address the needs of your organisation from the right anglecontinue reading